Working in Israel chain
Have you ever dreamed about living in sunny Israel? Want to spend your work day in employment that you are good at or that you are interested in learning about and working in and at the same time make money? Want to get an amazing experience in the Jewish holy land after which you will have the privilege, (that others do not), to consider staying in the country and settling in??
While this looks and sounds like a dream, it's real. We offer you a job, optional subsidized housing, learning Hebrew, optional professional training, other related conditions and an amazing experience of a lifetime. All jobs are required in all the areas of the Israeli economy at a decent wage, under excellent conditions and opportunities for advancement.

Working conditions
We offer you excellent working conditions which are designed to allow you to work, earn and enjoy some leisure time that will allow you to experience fully the Israeli experience and to closely examine the option to make Aliya and remain in Israel.

What do you get with an Israeli employer?
• A wide range of employment opportunities in diverse fields and various areas throughout the State of Israel.
• A wide range of employment opportunities in diverse fields and various areas throughout the State of Israel.
• A fair wage (according to the type of work).
• Overtime according to law.
• Option for professional training for integration into various types of employment.
• Good standard subsidized residence.
• Subsidized meals.
• Option to study Hebrew and the history of Israel outside of working hours.
• Option of travel around the country on vacation days.
• Full refund of the cost of the airline ticket after 12 months of work.
• And more.

Why is it worthwhile?
Work in Israel is performed under favorable conditions throughout the year . Employers in Israel have great interest in employing the permanent workers over long period, because there is a direct relationship between qualities of service with the seniority of workers. That's why we also offer opportunities for advancement. Furthermore you will have the opportunity to undergo professional training for the purpose of matching you with a profession in your field on account of your place of employment and thereby to guarantee not only useful knowhow and a required profession but also enhanced salary terms.
After years of accumulating experiences, friends, money, familiarity with local landscapes and life in our small country , we believe it would be easier for you to decide whether to extend the period of work for a further period, whether to make Aliyah, naturalization, or go back to your country. We in turn take care of you from arrival to Israel and we will offer you a professional to accompany you and serve you address any matter, to make your stay pleasant and help you absorbed.


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