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Work in Israel - our integration path
Anyone who is considering the option to work in Israel or to immigrate to Israel would be happy if there was a way to dispel the fears and unknowns associated with a transition to Israel. Will there be a source of income, will he find a proper apartment, would he adapt  the Hebrew language, the local mentality, living conditions, people, culture, and even the landscape - These are all questions  which might disturb someone who consider relocation to Israel  and sometimes can affect his or his family agenda.

A career in Israel
The Fund for Encouragement of Israeli Labor Ltd offers you a fresh new approach to the idea of ​​working in or immigrating to Israel, whose main focus is providing solutions to concerns and remove fog of uncertainty associated with key components which are of great interest when one consider relocation to Israel. Our model is based on operational need on the one hand and a desire to be part of Immigrant Absorption, on the other. As a leader Hotel chain who is committed to quality service, we prefer to employ workers for long periods and are ready to invest in their welfare, to preserve them as our people and enable them to pursue fruitful career at Isrotel.
This is why you can get with various employers in diverse fields in Israel excellent conditions and look at life in the country during the period of work while you enjoy the envelope of support and improved living conditions.

What's included in our recorded track immigration applicants, entitled to the Law of Return?
1. A regular job in what is considered a fair wage via a placement company working with our company.
2. Social benefits according to law.
3. Health Insurance.
4. High level of subsidized housing.
5. Fully subsidized economy.
6. Professional training for the purpose of integrating into employment in the requested field.
7. Optional Hebrew language studies.
8. Optional trips around the country.
9. Transportation from residence to work and back for free.
10. Participation fees for your airfare after one year of work.
11. Guidance by professional experts who can listen and assist if necessary.

Why it is beneficial to an eligible to work in Israel under the Law of Return to relocate to Israel?
Totally legal status
- employees accepted for employment enjoy  complete legal status and are welcome favorably and with open arms by all state authorities as well as by the Israeli society. Consequently, they enjoy good living conditions, salaries paid in accordance to the Israeli law, social benefits and full insurance.
Social reception - prospective immigrants are not regarded as foreign workers. Israeli public accept them in warm hearts and love as brothers who are eligible for immigration. You will be amazed how much help and good will is revealed by the Israeli public towards anyone who is considering immigrating and settling in Israel.
Entitlement to the absorption basket and Immigrant Rights - Work in Israel allows you to earn properly, learn, travel and experience life in Israel for a period of time that you choose and up to five years as you wish. Anyone who wants to exercise the right for citizenship after a year, enjoy the benefits granted by the State of Israel as a new immigrant, whether as part of the absorption basket or giving up rights. In any case, the realization of the increase is only an option and not mandatory and each one is free to act as he see fitted for him.


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