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Israel – the World's Smallest Superpower
Any person who wants to live and settle in Israel would not be doing it for its large area. Israel is a small country on the coast of the Mediterranean, which can be crossed from north to south in a single day. But although size is not its greatest strength, Israel excels in many other fields.

The People of Israel
Israel's population is full of human warmth, and receives immigrants, tourists and foreign workers with open arms, empathy and a sincere desire to help if necessary. Being a country which receives Aliyah from all over the world, Israel's society is very diverse in its human composition, and is strongly democratic, open and pluralistic.

Economy and Growth
Israel's economy is surprisingly stable in light of the fluctuations and difficult crisis in global markets. It has relatively high growth rates, compared to other western countries, and the global economic crisis is almost unfelt in Israel. In recent years, the Shekel, the national currency, has proven itself as a stable, reliable currency that is constantly growing stronger.

Science and Technology
Israel is a developed western country, rich in advance technology. It is one of the only countries in the world to have launched satellites into space, it is a leader in the number of cellular phones per capita, and a high percentage of the population has an internet connection. Israel is globally renowned as a hi-tech superpower, and as exporter of technologies in different fields of agriculture.

Israel's health system provides professional high quality health services to its residents. Israel's healthcare services are among the best in the world, and health insurance in Israel provides insurees with a rich and comprehensive package of medication and therapy. Israel is also considered a pioneer in the field of medical research, and its doctors are internationally renowned for medical and scientific developments and discoveries.

Tourist Destinations
Although Israel is a small country, it is rich in mountain, sea and desert landscapes, exciting archeological findings and beautiful tourist destinations which draw visitors from all over the world. Luxury hotels and beautiful guesthouses provide the infrastructure for receiving the masses of tourists coming to enjoy the sun, relax and have fun.

Cultural Life
Many tourists visiting Israel get the impression that life in it is one big party. Israel's cultural life is rich and full of shows, events, festivals and great artists creating, performing and filling stadiums and parks. Israel's cities are full of cafés, restaurants, pubs and clubs, which are full of people having fun day and night.

The Judicial System
Israel is a democracy, which grants a variety of individual and citizen rights. Israel's judicial system is free of corruption, and includes some of the world's foremost judges, who are recognized as opinion leaders, with precedential rulings of international implications.

Society and Tolerance
Israel's society consists of a fascinating and diverse human mosaic which includes Jews and Arabs, religious, secular and ultra-religious. Jews who arrived at Israel from all over the world have created in it a perfect jigsaw puzzle of communities, traditions, cuisines, music and community life which are affected by the differences and similarities between different communities, all belonging to the same nation. Without tolerance, acceptance of others and education for helping others, we would not be able to establish a model state in such a short time.

Strong Military
There is not much that needs to be said about the IDF, the military which defended Israel in numerous wars, and which is one of the strongest, best trained and best equipped militaries in the world.

The "Jewish Mind"
The "Jewish mind" is famous for invention. Israel is the state of the Jewish people, the people who gave humanity the greatest number of Nobel Prize winners relative to its part in the world's population.

Holy Places
The three monotheistic religions are intertwined with the history and geography of Israel. Jerusalem, Israel's capital and the holiest city, is the religious center of the three religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Throughout Israel, there are many places holy to the three religions, often making it a place of conflict, in which everybody shouts "it's all mine!" But what can you do, we were here first and the land was promised to us.

Leading Cities in Israel
Jerusalem – Israel's capital, with the Wailing Wall and the Temple Mount, the City of David and Metzudat Zion, the Knesset, the Presidential Residence, the Government Complex and the Supreme Court. Tel-Aviv – Israel's nerve center and business center. A seaside city and a center of vibrant cultural life, often called "the non-stop city", as you can always party and find open, full places at all hours, day and night.
Tel-Aviv is also recognized by UNESCO for its White City, which includes many Bauhaus buildings which are protected and renovated. Haifa – Israel's third largest city, with a wonderful view of the blue sea as well as mountains.
is a holy city for people of the Baha'i faith, and it includes the Baha'i gardens, which were also recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site.
Eilat – Israel's leading vacation and tourism city, located in the country's southernmost point, enjoying an active beach throughout the year, and full hotels most of the years. Eilat has a variety of tourist attractions, including its famous coral reef which attracts tourists from all over the world.
The Dead Sea – the lowest point on Earth, and one of Israel's leading tourist sites, attracting, among others, health tourism of people suffering from psoriasis and other health problems.


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